About Care-A-Van
Bon Secours Richmond Care-A-Van program is mission in action, where clinicians and physicians can find a unique outlet for community involvement. The Care-A-Van is a mobile health clinic that travels throughout the Greater Richmond area to provide free primary, urgent and preventive health care.

Medical services include health screenings, immunizations and school physicals for children, flu shots for adults and examination and treatment of sick uninsured patients. Volunteers also assist with the set-up and break-down of sites, helping with patient flow and registration and other tasks as requested.

About Volunteering
The Care-A-Van program is one that embraces a constantly changing environment. Each site is different, each staff is different and each patient load is different every day. This creates an exciting and varied volunteer experience for those who enjoy diversity. There is consistency in the process of the program, but the varied environments make each day unique.

Sometimes our volunteers experience language barriers with their patients. We encourage bilingual members of our community interested in volunteering to apply for our interpretation and registration positions (a proficiency test is required). Volunteers who enjoy interpreting for the program have the opportunity to advance with medical translation training.

Volunteer Requirements
Because this is a medical program, we have a few qualifications that must be met to be a volunteer:

  • Only licensed and certified physicians and clinicians can handle medical services.
  • Volunteers must have their own transportation as the site locations vary.
  • A commitment of at least two, four-hour shifts or one, eight-hour shift per month is required.

If you don't meet these qualifications but are still interested in volunteering, we encourage you to learn about our sister program, Reach Out & Read.

How to Volunteer
Our goal is to work with you to make the volunteer application process as seamless as possible.

  • Complete and submit the online application.
  • Bon Secours Richmond completes the reference check.
  • The volunteer completes TB testing and obtains an ID badge while Bon Secours Richmond conducts a background check.
  • The volunteer gets staff training and a schedule.

For information about Care-A-Van volunteer opportunities, please contact Tyler Agee @ or (804) 213-0392.

Fast Facts:

  1. Must be over 18 to volunteer.
  2. We currently do not have evening or Sunday hours.
  3. Minimum requirement is two, four hour shifts per month.
  4. Locations will vary.
  5. Personal transportation required.

June Schedule

July Schedule

July Schedule – Spanish

"I just visited the Care-A-Van in Sandston for the first time today. I tried to find out all about before I came because it just seemed too good to be true. I kept waiting for the "other shoe to drop" and just knew there was a catch. I have worked over 40 years and have had insurance all that time but always hated to go to the doctor.  Well, today was a first for me in all my 62 years.  I have NEVER been treated so good as I was today. The ladies who helped me were absolutely amazing!"

"I have 4 daughters and I bring them all to the Care-A-Van. The Care-A-Van does their checkups, shots, and takes care of any health emergencies they have. Even though the services are free, I have always gotten great medical attention, from the reception to the medical services at the Care-A-Van, I couldn't ask for anything more!"

"I'd like to thank God for the Care-A-Van! What a tremendous ministry! I am a former educator and student athlete with a degree from UVA and never would have imagined myself in financial straits, no health insurance and having major problems physically. You folks do a tremendous job!"

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